Vegetables for the Autumn Garden


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Autumn can yield good vegetables, provided you select the right varieties and plant them in appropriate time according to the farm calendar. There are a number of varieties which will grow in the open and may require some protection when the seedlings are small and tender. This kind of protection can even be provided by spreading newspapers or cloth over seedlings during night. If you can provide Polythene cover then much larger number of varieties can be grown. Autumn vegetables need less care due to the amicable autumn growing conditions. Plants grow rapidly in the beginning but their growth rate decreases with the arrival of the fall season. However, on the other hand, the drop in the temperature will also significantly reduce the risk of weeds and other problems.

Given below is a list of a few in demand autumn vegetables:-

Kale is a nutritious leafy vegetable which grows in abundance even during cold winters.

Collards are also a leafy vegetable like kale. The difference is that it has much bigger, stronger and tastier leaves.

Lettuce is a staple in every household for the duration of the fall season and is ideal for your own personal vegetable garden, especially if you live in colder regions.

Turnip has a faster growth rate as compared to other vegetables and even an amateur gardener will be able to cultivate and care for it.

Rutabagas need to be planted in the summer season and will reach its maturity during the fall season.

Broccoli is another household staple and is one of the healthiest and most in demand fall vegetables out there.

Mustard is another vegetable available during the fall season which has a fast growth rate.

Cabbage – This vegetable is much in demand can be initially cultivated inside your home under artificial lights.

Arugula has a high growth rate and is an integral part of many dishes including salads.

A leek is a vegetable which should be cultivated in regions with harsh climate for it can easily withstand the onslaught of winter.

You don’t have to be a professional gardener to try your hand at growing these vegetables in your garden. Having your own vegetable garden can guarantee nutritious and healthy meals for you, and your loved ones, without the excessive pesticides and chemicals that are so liberally used on the commercial varieties. Moreover, the taste of freshly picked garden vegetables surpasses even the most delicious gourmet meals you could ever get in a restaurant!

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