Healthy Home Gardening


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Growing your own garden is a wonderful way to improve home and health. Tasty fresh vegetables or colorful flowers surely improve one’s health and outlook on life.

Having a garden of your own can also be a source of money savings. In return for a few moments a day, you can reap great returns of various vegetables, herbs and flowers that cost you less to grow, than it costs to drive to the store and buy them.

More often than not, the vegetables you purchase at the supermarket are harvested before they are really ready for harvest, so that they can be shipped the many miles from the fields to the distribution warehouse, then to the store. With a garden right outside your door, you have the benefit of tastier, truly ripe, fresh harvests.

The harvests that you reap from your own home garden are also much healthier. Commercial growers use lots of chemicals on their fields, including pesticides and the like which are really not beneficial to yours, or your family’s health. By controlling pests and weeds naturally in your own garden, you ensure that the harvests you reap are poison free, and nutrient rich.

Truly nothing compares to the satisfaction and joy you get from growing, and harvesting from, your very own garden. You get sweet smelling flowers, healthy exercise, tasty herbs, and nutritious vegetables, right outside your door. It’s great!

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