The Three Most Important Things for Your Garden


Posted by Green Thumb Gardener | Posted in Garden Conservation, Garden Maintenance, Organic Gardening | Posted on 28-06-2010

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Gardening is like being a good parent: you always think first in terms of meeting the needs of the garden. You take care of the soil, the soil provides for the plants, the plants produce food for you. So the three most important things in gardening are: Read the rest of this entry »

Optimize Your Garden for Low Water Use


Posted by Green Thumb Gardener | Posted in Garden Conservation | Posted on 17-06-2010

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Conserving water resources has become important in many areas, and being a gardener has been rather stressful in recent times, as many areas are undergoing drought, or are having other water shortage issues. There are many locations that are imposing watering restrictions which are not giving enough water to lawns and plants. I’ve had to renovate my garden to make it more water efficient. Now, because of the techniques I’ve employed, I’m the only one in my neighborhood with a garden that isn’t completely brown. So if you live in an area that is going through a drought or if you just want to save water, I suggest you Read the rest of this entry »