Shrubs and Perennials in the fall (Autumn)


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Shrubs and perennials are excellent providers not only of the green foliage but also flowers. They are also much easier to maintain than cultivating flower beds. You have to be careful to choose shrubs, perennials and creepers for your garden which flower during autumn, with flowers which last till the harsh winter sets in.

These flowers and perennials have to be planted at right time of the year so that they are strong enough to withstand the hard frost and snow. Hence it’s important to keep an eye on the farmers’ calendar to choose the right time to plant for each variety and look after their initial growth and progress.

Once the saplings harden they require very little maintenance, but you have to be vigilant about pest and weed growth. You can get right kind of advice about pest control from other articles on this site, various local nurseries or plant suppliers.

The need for trimming may differ from variety to variety and trimming has to be done at the right time so that the plants can flower during autumn. Dead leaves from shrubs and creepers need to be removed regularly, to keep the pest growth under control. Here are some varieties of flowering shrubs, perennials and creepers which will lend color to your garden:

  • Chrysanthemums are good perennials for autumn. They are available in wide array of colours and heights. A number of them bloom in late summer and autumn and their flowers will last right up to frost. These are hardy plants which require very little care and give you flowers year after year.
  • Great Lobelia is a wildflower which is a hardy perennial plant. It gives you deep blue flower spikes on compact plants which provide pleasing contrast to the fall blooming chrysanthemums. Bloom commences in mid to late August and continues until mid to late September.
  • Asters are slightly taller than chrysanthemums. They will add an extra dimension of height to the autumn garden. They come in a large number of colours and types and this amazing variety gives you a lot of options to breathe life into your autumn garden.
  • Goldenrods are cultivated varieties of beautiful fall perennial. The bright yellow spikes of flowers lend an autumnal flavour to any flower garden.
  • Pansies are a good choice to the autumn garden. They need a sheltered location in which they can provide colourful flowers not only during autumn but also mild winter. Again in early spring, they will again bloom and provide flowers till high summer sets in.
  • Perennial Phlox is a good plant for the autumn garden. While phloxes grow well in almost any soil, they atone for deep digging and rich feeding by producing beautiful flowers. During dry season they soak the soil around them and digest garden manure and moisture. Perennial Phloxes need to be lifted and divided every two to three years. Otherwise the flowers will become smaller each year. These plants can either be grown outdoors or in pots. If grown in a 5-6 inch pot, they will flower the first year and after flowering they can be put out into the flower bed or border where, with the usual care, they will flourish again the following year. Perennial Phloxes give seed which can be saved and sown again after selection.
  • Japanese anemone is also called windflower, which produces a good range of flowers display of flowers in the autumn. These are hardy and drought resistant plants. Japanese anemone comes in two colours; white and pink. The white flower has a beautiful yellow centre. They grow to a height of two or three feet with rich green foliage. The pink variety bears double flowers. They need little maintenance and are easily regrown from root cuttings. They also provide excellent cut flowers for your home.

Planting flowers is one of the most rewarding activities. They not only add color to your garden but also add a vibrant hue to your surroundings. Moreover, the smell of different flowers is sure to help you to relieve all the pent up stress and tension. It will also help you with your Green Thumb Gardening self esteem and tell you that if you can create a beautiful garden in the fall, you can do just about anything if you set your mind to it.

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