Backyard Landscaping Tips


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There are many different backyard landscaping ideas. Some of the best backyard landscaping ideas are the ones that can fit into just about any backyard landscaping project. You can spend days reading various backyard landscaping ideas and not find one that is just right for you and your backyard. But some ideas and components are classics, and will fit into most any backyard landscaping idea. It’s all about how you use them! Some of the more perennial concepts are covered below.

Evergreens – Looking Good Year Round
Evergreens are always a safe choice for your backyard landscaping idea. The trees and shrubs of this type stay a beautiful green all year. While the gorgeous deciduous trees like maples and oaks are pretty in the spring and summer, and stunning in the fall, in the winter they can leave your backyard landscape looking barren and lifeless without some evergreens to liven things up.

Hardscape – The Framework of Your Landscape
In addition to trees and plants, you should never leave hardscape out of your backyard landscaping idea. Hardscape is things like fences, rocks, landscaping stones, and fountains. Most anything that is used in your backyard landscaping idea that doesn’t grow is hardscape. The trick is to use this hardscape harmoniously with the trees and plants of your backyard landscaping idea. You could have pillars of rock, for instance, framing a maple tree in your backyard. This looks especially good when combined with an evergreen climbing vine on the pillars, keeping life in the backyard landscape even in the winter months. Use your imagination, and try to picture how your backyard landscaping idea will look at various times of the year.

Year Round is Key
When designing any backyard landscaping idea, the thing to keep foremost in your mind is that it must look good all year long. Clever use of evergreens and hardscape in addition to the more conventional flowers and deciduous trees can make your backyard landscape gorgeous year round.

Walls and Fences to Frame it all
Don’t forget to use walls and fences in your backyard landscaping idea. Properly used, walls and fences can mean the difference between a cozy backyard landscape nook and a wide open, barren backyard landscape. Don’t neglect those climbing vines here either! Screening with vines, or allowing just a hint of wall to show from underneath a mat of vines, can make a HUGE difference in the overall look of your backyard landscaping idea.

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